Nusa Penida – Looking for Manta’s


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We were hoping for manta rays and therefore started todays diving with a prosperous site.

1. Manta Point

It was quite a long ride but the sea was very calm and so it was wonderful to race over the ocean, admiring the beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

Unfortunately, there was only one manta ray really far away who disappeared after a few seconds.  :-(

It was a nice dive anyway and we have seen a lot of nudi branches.


There was also a really cool bamboo shark, clown fish and a lot of other beautiful stuff.


The water was rather cold again (21 Celsius) but we stayed for over 50 minutes anyway.

2. Toyapakeh Channel

This was an amazing dive and we just loved it! It was a wall dive, which means you dive along a wall-like reef and search for cool stuff. And there was a lot to explore here:

We saw a lot of moray eels, all the different colours and sized that you can imagine – cool.

IMG_9390 IMG_9313

There were also a lot of nudi branches and they just never fail to amaze us. These tiny creatures have some really fancy features to defend themselfes – so cool.

IMG_9341 IMG_9434

The visibility was nice and the reef super beautiful.

IMG_9417 IMG_9423

We are also very happy to discover these masters of camouflage: scorpion fish.


I could go on and on for a long time now with all the beautiful things, but just look at these pictures (and the video below) to understand our excitement.  :-)


The evening was nice and we sat together with other divers, chatted and had dinner. Tomorrow will also be the birthday of our fellow diver Jardin – happy birthday to you and all the best for this exciting new year in your life!

Jardin’s friend organised him a cake and so we were all in for a treat.  :-)


Here is the dive video of today and you should not miss it – epic!



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