Darwin Research Center and off to Isla San Cristobal


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This morning, we visited the Darwin Research Centre, which was very interesting. Unfortunately, we had all assumed that the research centre was a house and were not prepared for a 90 minutes walk outside. But thanks to some sunscreen donations from our group we had managed the trip without being burned. :-)

IMG_3779 IMG_3795

There were also tortoises at the centre and other species of iguana, which were bright yellow and really cool.

IMG_3798 IMG_3810

Of course there were plenty of birds around and we enjoyed the biodiversity all around us very much.

IMG_3802 IMG_3806

In the early afternoon, we had to go on our last boat ride to the next island, San Christobal. Of course it was just as unpleasant as the other two boat rides had been but I managed yet another time to survive the long boat ride with my proven method of pretending to be in another place and we all arrived happy at Isla San Christobal.

IMG_3824 IMG_3826

This time, we did not go to a hostel but were dropped at different home stays. Ours was super nice and we were together with Brenna and Leo, whom we liked very much and spent most of our time anyway.


We went on a walking tour with the entire group in the afternoon and by that time, all of us had recovered and enjoyed the sea lions very much. They hog almost the entire beach area and it is so much fun to watch them (although it is not so much fun to smell them).  :-)


They snuggle together in the evening to rest and get some sleep without getting cold – how cute is that?


The babies however crawl from place to place in the attempt to find their mommy, which is heart breaking. They need to find their mother by smelling all the sea lions, who chase these little ones away if they are not their baby (and that happens a lot).


We went to an Italian restaurant (again) and had pasta this time, which was surprisingly good. Turned out that local food is neither for vegetarians nor very good for our western tummies, so we have no other choice really because there are not many places for us to eat.


It was nevertheless a nice evening and we enjoyed going out with almost the entire group again very much. Everybody could eat by now and it was great to see our fellow travellers feeling much better today.


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