Sightseeing in Jasper & a tough Goodbye


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After a super delicious breakfast with eggs, pancakes and freshly brewed coffee, we left the campground to see more of Jasper.


However, we will meet up for dinner tonight, so it was not (yet) hard to leave.

20140801_092934-2 20140801_094641-2

We went to the starting point of the ”valley of the 5 lakes” and went on the 11.5 km hike early in the morning. It was quite a bit up and down hill the entire time but the lakes were beautiful:

Lake #5:


Lake #4:


Lake #3:


Lake #2:


And then something strange happened. We have seen lake #1 through the tree tops but thought our trail will lead closer to it so we get a better shot of the biggest of all 5 lakes. It was actually as big as all the other 4 lakes combined. However, our trail never went back and so we do not have a picture of lake number one, what a pitty…


Anyway, it was a beautiful trail and we enjoyed being out there early in the day very much.


We also went back to the Athabasca Falls and actually discovered that there is much more to see than we have seen previously.   :-)


So we walked around the different sites for quite a while and enjoyed the different views we got on the falls, the lake and the canyons in between.

DSC07391 DSC07371

At last, we drove up Mount Edith Cavell and went on a short hike to the outlook from where you see the glacier and a lake.



It was awesome up there and the breeze was fresh and cool.

DSC07439 DSC07433

We had to go back to Jasper to find our hostel for tonight and get some laundry done as we are running out of fresh clothes again. The World Travellers Fraternity was a really nice place and we were very happy with our room. However, the description had said we have a “private shared bathroom”, which turned out to be not a private, but a shared bathroom, which was not very nice but rather a misleading description.


Anyway, the people were super friendly and we got our laundry done, so there is nothing really to complain about…

Soon, it was time to get ready and meet Sandra and Ernie at a restaurant called Earls.


We had super delicious food and it was great spending this last evening with them. We also took the opportunity to invite them as we were really grateful for their hospitality and that all had worked out so well. Guys, if you read this, thanks again for everything. We volunteer to look after your camper any time and truly hope to see you soon in Hong Kong. You both are just wonderful and I cannot wait for the time that the two of you get to travel together.   :-)


After a last beer in a great, old school pub, we finally had to say good bye to our friends. As sad as that was, we are sure to see them again someday and wish them all the best and enjoyable last days of their holidays, finally in private.  :-)



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