Last Day of Diving and back to Sanur


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This day started really early and we were picked-up at 5.20 am! We took a car to Tulamben, which is only ca. 30 minutes away from Amed and home of the world famous ship wreck USAT Liberty.


You might remember that we dove the Liberty before, but as we are so close now, we thought we might as well take the chance and do a bit more diving up in Tulamben.


The purpose of starting so early was to be in the water just after sunrise and to be much earlier than the majority of tourists – the wreck becomes very crowded later in the morning and we do not want all these fins in our pics and videos.  :-)


Together with two guys from Spain, we had a nice dive, although the visibility was not too great. However, we were greeted by this group of humphead parrotfish and they look really cool so close up.

The rest of the wreck was pretty much like we remembered… but it is stunning all over again how the environment finds its way and completely beautified this wreck – wonderful.


After a short breakfast with hot tea and homemade banana pancakes, we drove a short while to our second dive site, which was a so-called muck dive. It is a funny name, I know, but it describes the bottom, which is mainly sandy. You need to look for things, especially small things, but you can find amazing stuff if your eyes are good (or you have a brilliant guide as we did).  :-)

IMG_0990 IMG_0984

This dive site is the most favourite spot of Ketut (our guide). We challenged him before and requested to find us a frog fish, so we started with a lot of enthusiasm.  :-)


We had to go quite deep to find the cool spots, but it was just amazing.


I had my fingers and teeth cleaned by these funny cleaning shrimp – it tickles so much. People, if you think cleaning fish are great, you should try these shrimp (for the cleaning part of course not the eating).

IMG_1105 IMG_1044

We also saw really lovely moray eels in bright yellow colouring, ghost pipe fish and loads of other cool stuff.

IMG_1123 IMG_1058

As we were rather deep, we run out of bottom time and had to come up earlier than we liked, but Ketut gave his best to find more amazing marine life and so he did.  :-)   He even found us a frog fish, which was probably 0.5 cm small and really hard to photograph, but we have definitely seen it.


Here is the video summary of our last day of diving:

After such an amazing last day of diving in Amed, we went back to the dive shop for a last, lovely lunch. And then it was time to say good bye to all the great people over there, but especially Ketut (our dive guide) and Liselotte, who runs this resort.


She is such a well organised, warm hearted and lovely person that we just could have stayed there forever.  :-)

If you have the chance to go to Amed, you need to stay at the Geria Giri Shanti Bungalows – epic.


A driver brought us back to Sanur, where we have been a couple of times before. It is nice going back to places where you have your favourite restaurants and bars, know a good laundry place or massage salon and Chris even had is hair cut again.


We had a relaxed day and just enjoyed doing nothing, but walking around, looking at things and we treated ourselves with two big scoops of Italian ice cream and pizza, yummy.



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