Ship Wreck Diving and Cultural Experience


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Today started early at 6.15 am, when we got picked up by Brandon, another dive master from our dive shop “Ocean Legends”. We went to the shop to get our gear before we headed to the boat. It was quite small and packed with people, but everybody was really friendly and it still worked out quite well.

Our first dive was a wreck dive at a ship called YO 257 and it was really nice. We were greeted by a small eagle ray and the wreck was full with hard corals (unfortunately, they are not very colourful), some fish and a big turtle. We even saw a sleeping white tip shark under the wreck and a super cool eel.

After a short surface interval, we went to the Horseshoe Reef and a place called Secret Reef. There are mainly hard corals on the reefs, which makes them much less colourful than for example compared to Thailand, Indonesia or the Maldives. There are also much less fish, but it is still very cool and we saw some stuff that we have never seen before, like a little gurnard (they have wings and it almost looks like they are flying) or some very colourful eels.

Just before we finished the dive, we found the biggest turtle we have seen so far – really cool. There were also two white tip sharks sleeping and circling around, which was lovely.


< summary video will be added later >


Back at our room, we had about 2 hours before our next event today and decided to take a good nap, getting up before 6 am was rather tough!

We took a bus to the Polynesian Cultural Center, a place where they show how Hawaiians used to live and where they preserve the different cultures and habits from the many islands.

We were a bit late because the bus came with a big delay, but therefore got upgraded and will have amazing seats for the show later on.



One highlight is the Luau, a traditional dinner where they cook a pig in the earth and serve other local specialties.



The food was quite good for such an event and they had entertainment throughout dinner time. There were traditional dances, even a competition (women vs. men – women won), singing and guitar playing and it was a really nice atmosphere in the afternoon sun.

DSC05630 DSC05643

We had a few minutes after dinner to wander around the park and to see some of the villages, although they were all closed already. People usually spend the entire day at the park to see and experience the different villages and do activities, but due to the diving, we could not spend the full day there…


We found these awesome stone people between two villages and had to take some pictures.  :-)


Anyway, the highlight of this evening was the show “HA – breath of life”, which is a story of passion, love, loss and finding your place in life, ignited by fire, song and dance. It is really difficult to describe it, but it was simply breathtaking.

The performers were amazing and the high quality of their acting performance really delivered the feelings and message – we had goose bumps more than once! Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take pictures during the show, so we cannot show you anything but some pre-show shots:



During the intermission they served their famous pineapple ice cream – yummy! :)


Although it was pouring down after the show, we returned happy to our little room and enjoyed the tiredness of such an eventful and great day.


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