Tamil Wedding


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We had to get up early today, because the traditional Tamil wedding starts before sunrise, which means it started at 6 am.

Thankfully there was coffee and tea and we were too excited to be tired anyway. This was the event where they finally become husband and wife. The venue was decorated beautifully and a temple was built up in the room.


Kanika was dressed in a traditional Tamil saree and looked remarkable again. Unbelievable that she had only one hour of sleep. Sri was also dressed in traditional clothes and they started with some puja rituals.


Afterwards, Kanika was gifted with the auspicious 9 yard wedding saree by the groom’s side (that is a lot of fabric for such a tiny person).


She changed and returned to the venue. The mangal sutra or auspicious thread was tied around her neck by Sri, while the puja continued.


Sri also put red powder or sindoor on her head. With the completion of a number of traditional rituals in between, Kanika and Sri were finally declared husband and wife in the presence of close friends and family members.


The entire ceremony lasted for about 5 hours. We had breakfast in between and everybody was thrilled to congratulate the newlyweds.


We were quite tired afterwards, because our night has been short too, but we had to stay and wave her good bye. The “good bye” process is rather sad because it is the ceremony of leaving her parents’ house and there were a lot of tears.


They left to go to their new house where a couple of other rituals were waiting with Sri’s family. We had to pack our things together and catch the plain back to Hong Kong….

After a short final drink with Anneke and Cathy, we were off to the airport and happy to get some sleep during the flight back to Hong Kong.


Anneke and Cathy, it was absolutely wonderful to catch up with you and we wish you all the best for everything that will follow (moving to Boston and establishing a live in Dhaka). Please keep in touch and I am already looking forward to see you both again.

Kanika and Sri, it has been a truly amazing time and wonderful experience. We are so very grateful for the invitation and the warm welcome by you and your wonderful family. Your wedding has been a perfect occasion to finish a very special year in our lives and we will never forget that. 
All the best for your future as husband and wife. Being married is a wonderful thing and I cannot wait to see what is next in your exciting life together.


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