Redwood Forest – the Largest Trees on Earth


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We decided to sleep in this morning and started the day at 9 am with a wonderful breakfast. Laura and Jerome were properly spoiling us… :-)

The plan for today was to visit the famous Redwood Forest, where you can find the tallest trees on earth. It was quite a tough drive, because the road was very windy! Thanks to Laura, I got to sit in the front, which helped a bit.

IMG_5787 IMG_5796

Anyway, it was a very scenic drive and definitely worth the trip.


The forest was simply remarkable and it is really hard to imagine that the trees that we saw were actually only the “young” once and therefore much smaller than they can actually grow. Due to logging in the past, all the major trees were gone but since the forest is under protection, some of the giants are growing back to their size again.


There used to be trees where an entire car could fit in – can you believe that?


We still got to see the mother and father of the forest, which are the tallest and the “fattest” trees.   :-)


Once we left the forest, we continued to the Palo Alto shopping mall, which is a very beautiful outside mall.


There are most of the high-end brands and it is just great to watch people.   :-)


We also got some snacks we will use for dinner and got to try some very delicious things while shopping.

After a short visit at Stanford University, we went back home to prepare the dinner, a German “Brotzeit” (literally a bread-time).


We have not had proper bread, cheese, pickles, mustard and all the delicious veggies in a really long time.


To make it authentic, we even played some traditional German folk music – very “Oktoberfest” like.  :-)


The rest of the evening was very relaxed while playing Yahtzee and had a funny tasting event.


The “miracle frooties” are actually berries and if you eat them, everything sour tastes super sweet.  :-)


I did not really like the lemons, they were still super sour with a wired very sweet taste to them, but the tomatoes were absolutely delicious. We definitely need to repeat that one day.

We cannot believe that this is already our last evening together with Laura and Jerome and truly hope to see them again soon, wherever that might be.


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