Penemu Island & Yanggefo


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Last night was quite calm as we stayed in a bay most of the time, which was really nice.

1. Reef Bayanggan

Right at the beginning of this dive at Penemu Island, we faced a strong current again. However, we turned around and were hiding behind the reef, which made this dive very enjoyable.


There was nothing really special, but we absolutely enjoyed the beautiful reef. It is unbelievable how beautiful the corals are – amazing.


We are also in a new group with only the four of us and Marco, who is a really cool guide who finds us a lot of beautiful stuff.


2. Kerunemo Adik Utara

This dive was kind of a wall dive at a very steep slope.


We have seen many lovely nudi branches, which are our new favourite.   :-)


They are really clever little creatures with some very cool survival tricks. They can camouflage themselves to look like coral and hang out next to them, so they will not be eaten by predators – clever isn’t it?


There were not too many fish, but the most beautiful hard and soft corals – so beautiful.


3. Citrus Ridge (Tanjung Putus) – a jubilee dive

This is a special dive for us, because it is dive no 100 for us!   :-)


Apparently, you are supposed to do the jubilee dives naked, but we refrained from doing this and just painted a “100” on my leg:


The visibility was not amazing, but we saw cool school of fish, bat fish and barracudas.


There were also lovely clown fish and another all time favourite, an octopus.


It was really cool knowing this is dive no 100 and of course we had to pose for that:


4. Mangrove Ridge

Four dives a day is quite a lot, but we are not going to miss the night dive.   :-)


It was not as amazing as yesterday’s dive, but we have seen many nice things, such as cool nudies or crabs.


The highlight was this wobbegong at the end of the dive, which is a special type of shark. It is really well camouflaged and so difficult to spot – but so cool to look at.


Finally, here comes the video of the day – Chris is getting so good at making them:



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