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Christmas day started early again and it was quite tough to get out of bed. But two horse rides were waiting so I managed well and soon we were in the car. The first spot (Waimak river) was ok law, but not too exciting. At least, Pinky behaved very well and there was nothing unexpected.


However, Rubicon valley horse treks really made my day and I enjoyed the ride on Nugget with the beautiful scenery and our small group of 4 very much. We did not stay on proper treks but made our way through different farms, hills and a forest – what a great way to spend Christmas!


As Chris was not keen on getting on a horse again, he went for a quick 10 km run and impressed all of us with his speed.

After a quick shower, we went to the Ko Tane Maori Experience, which was our afternoon event that included Christmas dinner. It was really interesting to get to know a bit about the Maori culture and see some of their rituals. All men and women had to go on stage to join the performance, but we will not release these pictures here – turned out I cannot catch a ball and Chris cannot dance with making a scary face.🙂 


Dinner was lovely and we finished Christmas eve with a nice beer together with Sarah and Paul at their favourite pub, the CBD.